Round 4

Saturday 9th August

Our small, but great nation once ruled not only the waves, but far away exotic lands too. From the frozen lakes of Canada to sparse landscapes of the Australian outback, Great Britain once governed them all. Nowadays we no longer rule these countries, but we do share similar values, laws & drinking habits too….here’s looking at you Australia.  But, I hear you ask, has the ancient British tradition of brewing affected the tastes of our former empire?  After all, India Pale Ale was created to survive the seas and to be drank on arrival to ports of Madras.

The British Craft Beer Challenge is back to test some of the UK’s tastiest craft beers against those of our Commonwealth cousins with Round 4: GB vs The Commonwealth.  As the games kick off in Glasgow, so does the Challenge with over 40 mouth-watering colonial beers from countries such as India, Australia, Canada & New Zealand.  Even the most educated of pallets may find some exciting surprises whilst making their way through the lines.

Participating breweries are


Magic Rock, The Ilkley Brewery, London Fields Brewery, Siren Craft Brewery, Hop Stuff, Hammerton Brewery, The Five Point Brewery, Brewdog & Marble Brewery.

Moosehead, Coopers, James Boags, Little Creatures, Steinlager, Moa, Stone & Wood  & Sleemans.

Never fear if you are no fan of beer, not only will there be a fully stocked bar, but a commonwealth-inspired cocktail corner with Pimms, Singapore Slings, Rum Punch & much more.  Hosts, London Fields Brewery will be providing an eclectic menu to tickle international taste-buds with Jerk Chicken and of course Bruce’s BBQ serving up meaty goodness.

Keep entertained by playing classic British Pub Games, whilst dancing to a playlist which promises to take you around the globe! The Brewhouse will be a buzz with breweries, beers, food, and music with a convivial party ambience.

• Fascinating food matching and experimentation will keep you thinking whilst drinking.

• Feed on hearty cook-ups, local Hackneyite and London Fields chef supremo Jess Simmons will be tantalising the taste buds with BBQ meats and vegetable treats – be treated by a new flavour combination that will stand up to any imperial stout.

• Rendezvous at The British Craft Beer Challenge with friends and beery revellers alike in the sun-soaked courtyard of the Brewhouse’s iconic railway arches.

• On arrival, grab a free British Craft Beer Challenge program and obligatory beer festival branded glass.


Congratulations to the winners.

Wiper & True won the title for best beer by a long shot, smashing the tallies for both Team GB & Overall.

Meanwhile, Little Creatures Pale Ale was voted the best of the Commonwealth beers.

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